• Roll, Wildcats, roll. The fight is on, let’s take it across the goal.

  • Let’s roll, Wildcats, roll. Your loyal sons are with you a hundred fold.

  • Rah! Rah! Rah! Fight ’til the gun. We’ll cheer each play until the game is won.

  • Let’s show’em that we’re tough. Make ‘em holler, that’s enough!

  • Let’s roll, Wildcats, roll.

2015 Membership Forms

2015 Membership Form

Your 2015 membership form (attached) must be completed and received by July 22 in order to receive the membership gifts.

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2015 membership form

2015 Personal Program Ad

Personal Program Ads - We invite you all to purchase a personal ad in our 2015 Program!  Support your favorite player, coaches, cheerleaders, band members, and/or student assistants by leaving them a message they can treasure forever!  Ads can be inspirational, funny, boastful, etc.  Use your imagination and complete the attached form!!!!  Forms are due by July 15.

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2015 Personal Program Ad

2015 Business Sponsorship Ad

Business Sponsorship - There are several ways businesses can support our football program this year; such as program ads, field signs and pre- & post-game meals.  If you own a business, please take advantage of this opportunity and support the Wildcats.  If you work at or know of a business that might be interested, feel free to pass our form (attached) along.  Forms are due by July 13.

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The Latest Wildcat Highlights

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Important Dates

June 22 – July 5 Dead Period
July 6 Summer Practice resumes on Monday, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 5-8:30 pm.
July 6 Wildcat Card Sales Begin
July 8-9 Boys Club Football Camp hosted by Coach Gaddis and ORHS players
July 11 Maryville College Passing League
July 15 Senior Pic/Picnic
July 25 Picture Day/Wildcat Card Blitz Day
July 27 Practice in FULL pads Monday – Thursday from 5-8 pm.
July 31 Scrimmage @ Halls (time to be announced)
Aug 7 Scrimmage w/ South Doyle @ Blankenship
Aug 13 Scrimmage @ Heritage 7:30
Aug 15 Wildcat Day
Aug 17 Wildcat Challenge papers go home
Aug 24 Wildcat Challenge papers to be turned in

How Bad Do You Want It.